Patrick Mahomes’ lone pitching appearance at Texas Tech was awful, and he retired with an infinity ERA.

Justin Fletcher

Justin Fletcher, a second baseman for Northern Illinois in 2015, remembers a few things from playing Texas Tech in baseball that year.

First, he remembers NIU getting trounce in a series. He also recalled a random at-bat in the ninth inning of one game because of a weird reaction afterward.

A young pitcher came in, threw 15 pitches and couldn’t find the plate. He threw just four strikes. Justin Fletcher was the third hitter to face the freshman pitcher, and he walked and took his base. He took off his elbow guard, look over for the sign from the third-base coach and saw the Red Raiders’ pitcher being take out. He given a standing ovation by the Texas Tech fans.

“I was like, ‘Why in the world are they giving him a standing ovation?’ It was the weirdest thing,” Fletcher said from his baseball facility in Central Illinois. “I got back in the dugout and ask, ‘What was going on with them giving him a standing ovation, were they being mean to him?’ My teammates were like, ‘He’s the starting quarterback on the football team.’ ”

That pitcher/quarterback was Patrick Mahomes, who didn’t pitch again for Texas Tech and retired from college baseball with an infinity ERA. There is actually something the NFL’s reigning Super Bowl MVP couldn’t master UFABET.

Patrick Mahomes’ infinity ERA

Mahomes’ dad was a major league pitcher for 11 seasons and has 42 wins on his record. Patrick II has one of the most famous cannon arms in sports, which he shows off as quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Mahomes wasn’t bad at baseball and still uses some of the training techniques and equipment in his football career. He threw in the low 90s as a pitcher in high school, once tossed a no-hitter with 16 strikeouts and was drafted by the Detroit Tigers in the 37th round of the 2014 Major League Baseball draft. But he made the right call picking football.

He pitched once for Texas Tech’s team. He remembers it, though he misremembered the details.

According to Texas Tech’s box score, Mahomes’ only pitching appearance came in the ninth inning on Feb. 21, 2015. The Red Raiders led 6-0 but thanks to Mahomes’ outing, that lead was quickly in jeopardy.

“I came into the game, walked the first guy I believe, hit the second guy, I gave up a double and they scored a run,” Mahomes said Wednesday during his Super Bowl availability. “Then I taken out of the game.”

Close, but not exact. According to the official record, Mahomes walked a hitter, hit one and then walked Fletcher before he pulled.

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